Painting interiors is the easiest way to repair and refresh your home. Every experienced painter knows that for good quality finish, you need detailed preparation with the right materials. We do full preparation of ceiling and walls. We are also doing replacement or skimming of poor surfaces, sanding, filling to perfectly smooth surface. Preparation of wooden surfaces, doors, frames, windows, skirting boards, application of primer, undercoat and final coat, we are making a finish in a high quality standard.


Exterior painting is really important maintenance, that can be done hassle free. You can protect and stop damage in your home when you do exterior repairing and painting. With the right paint and preparation you can safe your home from water and the weather conditions.

We do washing, removing of old and loose paint, repairing damaged bits. Sanding and filling, application of window care where is required, primer, undercoat and final coat.


There are many wallpaper types on the market and sometimes choosing the right ones can be overwhelming. We can help you with this step and also, we can put them for you.

For precise application of the wallpapers is required a smooth wall as a base. Our company has a lot of experience with the preparation process of the walls. Sometimes we have to use different techniques to deal with it, as it depends on the condition of the surface.



We carry out different types of plastering services, like covering rough walls, ceiling and skimming. We use materials of a high quality and we try to be as precise as possible. The result is a smooth finish every time.

Fence, Decking and Sheds

Do you need some help with the deck maintenance? Or is your shed all rusty or covered in moss? Or maybe your fence is all faded and grey? We can help with these problems too! Just give us a call and we will evaluate the amount of work and will give you a quote. If you need a fence work to be done, you need to know that the best time to paint a fence is during the Spring or Summer. The ideal condition is when the temperatures are above 10°C.

Fence, Decking, Sheds


Dry Lining

We have more thаn 10 years of Dry Lining experience, which enables us to take on small projects from refurbishment, ​new build and office fit outs.
All done to the same exact standards to achieve the perfect wall and ceiling interior finish.​

We can offer Metal Stud Framing​, Drywall Speciality, Drywall​, Grid Ceiling, MF Ceiling System​.

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